Developing bespoke business systems in central Scotland for over 20 years

Claris Partner developing bespoke database solutions and consulting for businesses in Scotland using FileMaker Pro

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FileMaker developer in Scotland

Many small to medium sized organisations are using out of date software applications or paper-based processes that are getting in the way of running their businesses.

A solution designed specifically for your organisation allows the users to concentrate on their job rather than find ways to get their job done.

For over 20 years FileMaker expert Tim Anderson has been developing such bespoke solutions for a wide range of organisations – from complete business applications for small and medium companies to departmental solutions for large corporates such as Prudential.

Key benefits of our solutions include:

• fast data entry with no rekeying
• automation of routine tasks increasing efficiency and eliminating errors
• flexibilty to grow and evolve to meet your changing needs

As an experienced FileMaker developer in Scotland we are well placed to help.

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Please contact me using the email link below or my mobile 07977 134096